20.05.2013 15:44

AIR-TEC Plans H75-powered L410 Engine Upgrade Program

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –– GE Aviation and AIR-TEC signed an agreement to develop an engine upgrade program for the L 410 aircraft. Under the program, AIR-TEC will replace the current M601 engine that powers the L 410 with GE’s new H75 engine.

"AIR-TEC is the largest M601 operator and has a deep understanding of the engine and aircraft," said Jim Stoker, president and managing executive of GE Aviation Czech. "The engine upgrade to the new H75 engine will enhance the performance of the L 410 aircraft and bring many benefits to customers."

"We see great opportunities with the H75-powered L 410 aircraft in our own fleet as well as aircraft operating in the African and Latin American regions, and we look forward to developing this new engine upgrade program," said Jan Rehousek, chief executive officer of AIR-TEC.

Customers can easily upgrade from a M601 engine to the H75 without any major modifications to the aircraft. The engine upgrade program will provide customers with increased temperature margin, improved fuel efficiency and extended time between overhaul.


For further information, contact:
Rick Kennedy +1.513.243.3372 rick.l.kennedy@ge.com Mobile: +1.513.607.0609
Deb Case +1.513.243.0094 deborah.case@ge.com Mobile: +1.513.418.1644
The H75, which GE Aviation launched last year, is rated at 750 shaft horsepower (shp) for takeoff and maximum continuous operation and is aimed at the agricultural, commuter, utility and business turboprop aircraft segments. EASA certified the H75 engine last year with the FAA type certification anticipated this year.

AIR-TEC is the largest L410 fleet operator in Africa. As well as being an aircraft operator, AIR-TEC also sells and leases L410/420 aircraft for regional airlines, aid agencies and NGOs, oil exploration companies and clients requiring smaller aircraft. Based in Port-Louis, Mauritius, AIR-TEC has branches in France, the Czech Republic and South Africa. The company's goal is to provide its clients with first-class services to ensure their operational success, and its wide array of fleet diversification and custom-made leases allow AIR-TEC to provide its clients with a solution that works best. For more information, visit

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